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T3 SinglePass Whirl Wand Professional Hair Styling Iron 1.25 inch - audrybeauty

T3 SinglePass Whirl Wand Professional Hair Styling Iron 1.25 inch


  • $ 8000

While attending The Makeup Show, I was invited to attend a product launch event by T3 Micro. I was somewhat familiar with T3’s flat irons, but was interested in learning more about some of the new products T3 was showcasing at The Makeup Show.

Truth be told, I am a flat iron loyalist. I typically use my flat iron to create my long, loose waves (a la Kim Kardashian – just the hair mind you, I have none of her other famous ass-ets). Although, I love my flat iron and have mastered the use of it enough to create straight or wavy/curly styles, I was intrigued by the SinglePass Whirl and wanted to learn more.

The Whirl is a professional styling wand (looks a bit like a tapered curling iron without the top clip). The tapered barrel allows you to create tight curls by curling your hair closer to the narrow tip of the iron or looser waves using the larger part of the barrel.

The Whirl heats up quickly (up to 450 degrees, a must for my thick hair) and completely maintains it’s temperature (unlike my beloved flat iron). Since there is no clip to hold the hair onto the barrel, the Whirl comes with a heat resistant glove. Admittedly, I am not sure that I love the glove. It was a bit distracting for me. It took me a bit of practice before I could use it reasonably well. Fortunately, I was also able to use the Whirl without the glove by just holding onto the tip of my hair instead of pressing the hair onto the barrel of the iron.

I LOVE the fact that I can style large chunks of hair at once thereby saving me tons of time (almost 50% faster!). With my flat iron, I have to painstakingly curl smaller sections of hair to create a wave. The Whirl’s tourmaline and ionic technology also helps seal the hair’s cuticle creating smooth, healthy looking hair. My flat iron typically requires multiple passes (undoubtedly damaging my hair) to get similar smooth results.

T3 products are developed with the goal of helping women to achieve salon-like results at home. I’m all about beauty products that can help make me feel beautiful, as well as save me time and money. The T3 SinglePass Whirl is a keeper.

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