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Kerasys Salon Care Hair Mask with an extract of Moringa Moringa Texturizer Treatment (200ml) - audrybeauty

Kerasys Salon Care Hair Mask with an extract of Moringa Moringa Texturizer Treatment (200ml)


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Hair mask Kerasys Salon Care Moringa Texturizer Treatment provides intensive nourishment and helps to quickly restore damaged hair. Moringa extract, rich in natural proteins, keratin and vitamins, as well as extracts from sunflower seeds contribute to the rapid regeneration damaged by coloring, hot pilings and chemical zavivok hair. The mask gives the hair softness and elasticity, extends clean hair, gives a feeling of lightness and freshness. The mask is indispensable for dry hair with exhaustion, split ends. It has a protective effect against the negative influence of the environment.

Mode of application

After applying the shampoo and conditioner apply the mask to damp clean hair, distribute evenly from root to tip and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Reviews of the mask on the Internet

The result is beyond praise. Hair dyed, regular use of a hair dryer and ironing, in general, a bunch of trouble like hair like straw, dry and brittle ends ... And this mask revitalized hair! Highly recommended.

The mask moisturizes and imbues hair, they look softer (on a soft feeling is also present), shiny. It is easy to comb.
I use a mask 2 times a week. In most cases it is not necessary. I would have reacted the mask to the masks from the category of "exit" when needed, what would your hair look good. For cosmetic effect from it is really impressive.

Soft texture, you need a bit of a walnut on long hair. The result is noticeable from the first time - the hair really become softer and obedient. Excellent masochka just saving for dry, dyed hair -perekrashennyh.

I liked the effect so that the next and the next bathing hair I also use this mask. So you can see my hair it simply peresytilis became not that absolutely not, as some fat. So do not forget that it is a mask, and it should be used less frequently.

It dealt a mask 3 minutes massaged and washed off. Before drying I took a towel and ah! Hair wet just at 100%! After blow-drying, I combed, packed and got a perfectly smooth, soft and shiny hair! Hair visited the 70 percent not visible at all, no "torchunov", in general, for an application of the hair is completely transformed.

The effect is very pleasant: hair easy to unravel, become more elastic, less broken. It would advise the young ladies with long hair - beautiful, and the inexpensive care. With this mask hair safely "wintered" suffered journey of the sea, do not hit on them and solarium and utyuzhok. For all its nourishing mask does not overload the hair, they do not get dirty quickly, there is no need to wash my hair every day. After using the hair becomes stronger, recovery, shine over the entire length, not awry. And the important point - the mask is very concentrated, ie No need to use the tube on the floor at a time, only a small amount of product.

"Wow-effect" for the first time was not. The result was comparable with professional tools (but it was also very good mask for the price!), However, after a month of using hair is completely different - were filled, became thicker, softer and very shiny. Roots that I paint with oil paint, all shine like in advertising! Link for review.

Hair Mask KeraSys Salon Care is used instead of the air conditioner after every hair wash. Even before wash your hair, hair was matted, they can not comb, because under the influence of the masks themselves untangled, becoming silky and smooth. The smell of the hair from the use of masks pleasant, unobtrusive. Hair shine, not confused for a long time retain a clean and well-groomed appearance.

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